Sereghil Edit

Sereghil's Story Edit

It all began when Sereghil, Prince of Mistal, found himself in an unfortunate situation. His brother, Lankum, was ever jealous of his older brother who was to become King once his father had died and planned an evil plot against him. A group of Gelboron bandits attacked Mistal, Sereghil and his brother defended it with their guards. An axeman almost defeated Lankum but the bandit was kicked to the floor by Sereghil himself. After seeing the amount of guards now defending the city, the bandits retreated from their attack. The next night, Lankum sneaked out of the castle with Sereghil's sword and killed a well-respected high priest in the church, leaving Sereghil's sword embedded in the victim as evidence. Sereghil was blamed for this event and so the King reluctantly banished his own son. Sereghil fled into the forest north of Mistal after his banishment, where he was captured and mugged by the same bandits that had attacked the night before. That night, when all of the bandits slept, the one who almost defeated Lankum took the treasures of the other bandits and released Sereghil. Sereghil soon found out that the bandits name was Borgon and then they set off together searching the lands for wealth and riches.

Appearance/Equipment Edit

Sereghil was once a pampered noble, his appearance was fair and not a hair stood out of place. A caring and generous prince, he was popular among the citizens of Mistal. He was always complimented upon his glimmering armour and noble attire. After his betrayal, his appearance change dramatically as he was forced into exile. His clothing was poor, his once bright eyes were unseen from underneath his concealing hood. Even without his modest clothing, his facial recognition could no longer be seen; he had grown a harsh beard and his unkept hair grew ruffled and long. Sereghil carried with him his Mighty Sword of Kings given to him by his father, King Herra, before he was banished from the Royal City of Mistal. He also carried a sacred dagger concealed within his right boot.

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