Description Edit


Mistal on the Map of Vindiscia

Mistal was located on the far Eastern side of Vindiscia and was the largest of all of the Great Cities. It's white stone walls were crafted beautifully around the large citadel and yet it remained impregenable to all who opposed the Guard of Mistal. Day in, day out the city was as busy as can be and one would struggle navigating themselves around the marketplace due to the high numbers of people. The ruler of Mistal for many years was King Herra, a proud and honorary King.

Mistal Woods Edit

Just North of Mistal was Mistal Woods, which played an important part in the adventures of Borgon and Sereghil. When Borgon was working with bandits, he was forced to lead a raid on the city of Mistal. There, he almost defeated Sereghils brother, Lankum, if it were not for Sereghil himself kicking the bandit to the ground. Borgon and his men retreated North into Mistal Woods to rest for the night before returning with new of their failure to the Gelboron bandit leader. This was when Sereghil wandered after being banished from his own land and was captured by Borgon and his men. This is where Borgon and Sereghil first began their adventures.

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