Description Edit

Laydaron & Ancient Forest

Laydaron and the Ancient Forest on the Map of Vindiscia

Laydaron is a mysterious village in the far South-Eastern lands of Vindiscia. It is the closest human population to the Ancient Forest where many rumours and legends root from. Travellers do not often pass through Laydaron for it has an eery hint of mystery there, as if no matter where you go you feel like you're being watched. Some of the elderly people of Vindiscia seem to believe that within Laydaron is held an ancient power that protects it from the alleged horrors within the Ancient Forest. Borgon and Sereghil passed through Laydaron stopping at an inn after acquiring the Amar Stone. This was the place where Borgon smiled for the first time in years when the duo were drinking and smoking pipeweed, making jokes about Vindiscian culture.

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