History Edit

King Herra was once a brave warrior in his youth, as well as the only heir to the throne of Mistal. In his lifetime he had fathered two children Sereghil and Lankum, both of which looked up to him as an idol and they both grew into mighty warriors, following in his footsteps. After the incident with the High Priest at Mistal, King Herra was forced to banish his own Son, Sereghil reluctantly. When he discovered that it was actually Lankum who ruthlessly murdered the High Priest, however, he held no such forgiveness for his deception.

Appearance Edit

As is expected, the King of Mistal wore nothing but the finest clothes the Realm of Vindiscia had to offer. From his cream, silken tunic to his impenetrable, steel armour, his excellency was known for his great class.

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