Description Edit

Fatedra is possibly the Western equivalent of Mistal since it is a large city and constantly busy. Fatedra is seen as the most well-defended citadel in all of Vindiscia; it's walls have never been breached. Fatedra is also one of Borgon and Sereghil's last stop of points on Sereghil's path to redemption after being framed for the murder of a High Priest. Fatedra is also the closest city to the practically undiscovered Plains of Gnorkias, where it is thought many goblins dwell. When Sereghil and Borgon finally arrive and convince their Lord's that it was not Sereghil who murdered the High Priest, they inform the duo that their crops have been suffering due to "unusual weather patterns" recently and Sereghil and Borgon promise to look into it after they have finished their current quest.

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