Borgon the Berserker Edit

Borgon's Story Edit

Borgon was out collecting firewood at the borders of his village, Dunsil, when he heard his wife scream. He dropped the firewood and hastily ran back to his home to find his wife and four-year old daughter slain by Gelboron Bandits, the most fierce of all bandits. He immediately took his lumberjack axe and started slaying the bandits that committed this foul crime. After slaying several bandits he found himself surrounded, and the Gelborons offered him a place within their clan for they saw he had much skill with an axe. They told him that if he declined they would slay him, just like they did to his family and so he joined them without question. After three long years of serving the Gelborons, he was a highly-ranked and well-respected bandit. He was given the task of storming the great city of Mistal. He led a large group of bandits and in his attack almost killed Lankum, the King's son, if it was not for his brother Sereghil who kicked Borgon to the floor. Borgon saw that this attack was hopeless and fled to the woods North of Mistal. The next night, his group of bandits captured Sereghil planning on holding him for ransom against the King. Borgon took the bandits treasures in the night and released Sereghil, claiming he did not want to deal with the Gelborons anymore. Sereghil thanked Borgon for his good deeds and agreed to go with him and adventure the lands of Vindiscia.

Appearance/Equipment Edit

Before joining the Gelboron bandits, Borgon's clothing was average to the working class peasant's of Vindiscia. His appearance was mild-mannered and although his stature was broad, his kind-heartedness was apparent to all who knew him. After his tragedy, however, his self-esteem plumetted and he lacked care for himself and others. His appearance changes were less detectable from his attire, more so from his facial expressions and careless attitude.This combined with his hard work pushing himself to his bodily limits, formed an unstoppable force. He bears no armour and little clothing yet constantly carries his Mighty Two-Handed Axe as well as a small collecion of throwing Hatchets.

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